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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

4U-6U Curriculum


We are delighted to offer a 4U-6U curriculum for our volunteer coaches to use. We plan to add more sessions; if you have feedback or questions about the curriculum or sessions, please contact Acting Director of Coaching David Brown at

Key Points

  • The main focus at this age group is the enjoyment of playing soccer.
  • Allow the players to discover techniques and ways to make things work for themselves.
  • Remember that children at this age are still physically developing so will not be able to perform all skills with correct techniques.
  • Children at this age will learn through playing.
  • Do not be too pushy with their tasks. Children will complete them in their own time as they all learn at different speeds.
  • Try to keep instructions limited and quick to keep the attention of the players.
  • Always demonstrate the activity or skill that they will be performing. Children at this age will mimic actions as a way of learning.
  • Try to keep a ball with you to take part in the activity at the same time, allowing players to see and copy your actions.
  • Encourage player creativity in games.
  • Allow the players to experience an environment where they can learn at their own speed and through fun.
  • This is where players will begin to learn to love soccer so ensure that they have a fun experience!
  • Be prepared to adapt away from your plans if things aren't working. The players having a ball at their feet and a smile on their face are the two most important things at this stage of their soccer development.
  • Aim for 10-15 minutes of free game play at the end of each session.

Key Words / Soccer Terminology

  • Dribbling: Keeping the ball close and kicking it with both feet while running
  • Passing: Kicking the ball to a teammate
  • Shooting: Kicking the ball with power towards a target
  • Turning: Changing direction with the ball and keeping the ball close
  • Changes of speed: Being able to dribble with the ball under control at different speeds