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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Offer Process

If you missed registering your child for Evaluation Sessions but are still interested in the Oregon SC Competitive program for the 2020-21 season, please email and as soon as possible. There's no charge for registration, which is open for players born in 2010 or earlier.

Oregon SC doesn't hold traditional tryouts for our Competitive Program.

We don't believe that it is productive to evaluate players who are currently in our competitive program during a short window during the spring. Instead, we believe that our coaches' impressions of players from six months of practices and games will provide a more accurate, thorough evaluation.

Oregon SC does not actively recruit players, but if players currently playing for OSC Recreational teams or on teams in other clubs want to be considered for spots in our Competitive Program, they can attend our Evaluation Sessions. 

Based on the adjusted WYSA and MAYSA 2020-21 tryout policies, evaluation sessions could be held July 13-20.

We are not certain that we will be able to hold these sessions; if they cannot be held, teams will be formed to the best of our ability using feedback from coaches from previous seasons.

All players wishing to be considered for spots on 2020-21 competitive rosters must register for Evaluation Sessions. There is no fee to register. Registration closed at 10 p.m. Tuesday, May 26.

You must have an account on the Oregon SC Demosphere system to register for Evaluation Sessions. If you don't have an account, create one for free and follow the instructions.

Evaluation sessions are closed to parents and other observers.

Please note: Beginning in the 2020-21 season, there will be some changes to naming conventions for teams and age groups.

Oregon SC will refer to its teams by birthyear rather than age group - for example, Oregon 2008 Boys Orange. Also, age groups for leagues and tournaments will switch to "Age and under," which is a more accurate description of divisions - for example, 11U.


Birth Year Session 1 Session 2
2010 TBD TBD
2009 TBD TBD
2008 TBD TBD
2007/2006* TBD TBD


Birth Year Session 1 Session 2
2010 TBD TBD
2009 TBD TBD
2008 TBD TBD
2007/2006* TBD TBD

* - Only players born in 2006 who will be in 8th grade during the 2020-21 school year. (Players born in 2006 who will be in 9th grade will be part of the High School Program; see details below.)


Grade in 2020-21 Session 1 Session 2
Boys (9th and 10th grade) TBD N/A
Boys (11th and 12th grade) TBD N/A
Girls (all grades) TBD TBD

Notes: We will consider holding a November Evaluation Session for the high school boys program, depending on the number of players registered.


Oregon SC once again plans to make early offers to current club players for the 2020-21 season. The first offers are expected to be sent out via email on Friday, June 5.

2020-21 offers to all other players ages U11-U19 (2010-2002) will be sent out at noon Central time on July 21, 2020, per Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association policy. Players will have 24 hours to accept or decline the offer. Not replying is consider declining.

According to WYSA policy, accepting an offer is a two-part process, requiring parents to

1) Contact the club representative who made the offer and accept it in writing


2) Register the player online and pay the initial registration fee.

Both of these items must be completed by the times listed above or the offers become null and void.


David Brown

Acting Director of Coaching

Eric Anderson


Mike Hoelker

Competitive Commissioner

James Espinosa

Assistant Competitive Commissioner