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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association


Oregon SC sponsors and promotes several additional training opportunities and camps outside the regular season. Some of our offerings include:


Are you looking for individual or small-group soccer training sessions for your Oregon SC player this summer?

If so, you are in luck, as once again we're offering sessions with Acting Director of Coaching David Brown.

These 50-minute sessions for one to four players cost $40 and will be held at Jaycee Park (JPW-20 or JPW-24) or High Meadow Park. Sessions are available for players born in 2011 and earlier. You and your player(s) can select the topic for the sessions, which are available in June and July and into early August.

Please note: The cost is $40 per session, regardless of the number of players participating. If you will have two, three or four players in a session, the main registrant will pay the full fees and it will be up to the group to determine between themselves how the fees are divided.

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If you have any questions about the individual and small-group sessions, please email


Oregon SC partners with Challenger Sports to bring two camps to Oregon each year.

  • GK Icon Goalkeeper Camp. Details TBA for 2020.

  • Challenger International Soccer Camp. Details TBA for 2020.


The Oregon High School boys and girls programs held their first summer soccer camp in June 2019, with Panthers coaches and players leading the sessions. Details TBA for 2020.

Optimum Technique

Summer Technical Training Camp

If your idea of fun is working hard, being challenged and improving, then this is the camp for you.

Former Oregon SC Director of Coaching Kevin Gowrie designed this camp to help players learn advanced soccer techniques and moves and improve their soccer strength, speed and agility. Players will have individual skill challenges every day and use new, innovative training equipment.

Details TBA for Summer 2020.


July 29-Aug. 2, 2019 at Jaycee Park. For players ages U13-U19.

Founded and directed by Mark Diercks, the Shotime Soccer Series is excited to continue working with some of the best players the area has to offer. Through years of experience as a head coach at both the varsity and club levels, Diercks has developed a critical eye that is necessary for skill development, and the knowledge of what it takes to become a high-level player in all facets of the game.

Through innovative training methods and techniques, the Shotime Soccer Series has established a culture of players who are relentless at taking their game to the next level. The Shotime Soccer Series is one of the most respected clinics in the area for players wanting to improve in a short amount of time.

Cost: $200 per player, includes t-shirt. Learn more or register now


Check out the Oregon SC YouTube channel for demonstrations and explanations of attacking moves, turns and ball mastery skills. Players can work on these skills at any time, even in a driveway, basement or garage.

Oregon SC recommends the Madison Futsal League, both for league play and its Academy program. The Madison Futsal League is the only futsal league in south central Wisconsin affiliated with U.S. Youth Futsal, U.S. Adult Futsal and the U.S. Soccer Federation. Website

Looking to further your training beyond practices and games? Oregon SC has partnered with My Personal Football Coach, an individual online technical program. The program was created by Saul Isaksson-Hurst, who has worked in the Academy programs at Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur Academy and also has experience coaching in Spain and the U.S. His philosophy aims to develop dynamic and explosive technical players. Participants will have access to new practices and skills frequently. Thanks to our partnership, Oregon SC players will receive a 50% discount on any of the Dynamic Ball Mastery programs. Register