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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Please Help Oregon SC Keep Community Fields and Parks Clean

By ERIC ANDERSON, 09/29/17, 4:00PM CDT


Oregon Soccer Club is fortunate to be able to use Village of Oregon and Oregon School District parks and fields for our practices and games. In exchange, we need to be good community members and help take care of these facilities.

Recently, we've received reports of garbage left on fields following Oregon SC practices or games - including many empty disposable water bottles and sports drink bottles.

We're asking every parent to remind their players that leaving trash on fields is unacceptable. There should be garbage cans at every field, and there are blue recycling bins at many locations. If you see a site without either or both of these receptacles, please let us know and we'll reach out to the Village or OSD and try to have them added.

Please help the club do our part to keep Oregon's parks and fields clean and in good condition, for our players and teams, our fellow community members and visitors from other clubs. If you see garbage around a field following a practice or game, pick it up and dispose of it properly.

We'd like all Oregon SC players, coaches and families to adopt a phrase that some of our coaches say to their teams: "Let's leave this place cleaner than when we got here."

Thanks for your help on this matter, and for your continued support of Oregon SC. If you have any questions, please email