These are the fees for players who would like to play either in Fall 2021 only or in Spring 2022 only.

  • 4K Kickers (4/5U) and Rookie League (6U)
    Half-season fee: $55
  • In-House 7/8U
    Half-season fee: $90
  • Recreational 9U and older
    Half-season fee: $125
  • Academy (9/10U)
    Half-season fee: $375
  • Competitive (11U-15U - MAYSA league)
    Half-season fee: $800
  • Competitive (11U-15U - WYSA State League)
    Half-season fee: $850

Notes: Fall-only or spring-only roster spots might not be available for all age groups, and some groups will have limited spots available. Roster spots on Competitive teams are subject to offers and acceptance. Spring 2022-only registration is expected to open in December 2021 or January 2022.

As a reminder, all players on 14U/5U teams and younger who play in Fall 2021 already are registered for Spring 2022 and do not need to register again.