The scarf is the quintessential accessory for soccer fans - whether draped over supporters' shoulders, held high over their heads or wrapped a little tighter inside a coat to keep in the warmth on a chilly day, they're a fixture at games across the world.

Now you can show your support for Oregon SC in the form of a scarf.

The stylish design by Ruffneck Scarves features black and orange vertical stripes on both sides, with "Oregon Soccer Club" spelled out and the club crest on each end. The scarves are 5 feet long and 7 inches wide.

Scarves are $20 each, but there is a discount if you buy more than one - each subsequent scarf costs $15 apiece. To purchase Oregon SC scarves, contact your team manager or email OSC Fundraising Coordinator Mike Hoelker at

Oregon Soccer Club scarf 2017